1 or Full Lite Mahogany Double Door – 1L Bud – SPECIAL ORDER


Special order product, may take approx. 4-6 weeks to arrive.


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Special order product, may take approx. 4-6 weeks to arrive

Additional information

Double Door Size

64" x 80", 64" x 96", 72" x 80", 72" x 96", Retro sized 60" x 80" to replace 10" sidelite unit, Standard 60" x 80", Standard 60" x 96"


60" Slab W, 64" Slab W, 72" Slab W, 96" Slab H

Wood Type

Mahogany, Wood


Type of Door: Exterior 1 ¾” Thick 

Material of Door: Mahogany

Door Finish: Raw Wood

Glass Type: Clear

Glass Insulated: Yes

Glass Low E: No

Glass Tempered: Yes

Grade: A

A Grade: This is a manufacturer warrantied product direct from a vendor. The same quality that is sold at the big box stores.

Pre-Hang Specifics


By selecting the pre-hanging option, you will receive a door hinged, prepped for handle and assembled in a frame (also called the door “jamb”).

Each pre-hung door unit is weathertight and includes:

  • 4-9/16″ wide jambs
  • Adjustable Aluminum door sill (threshold) in Bronze
  • Door sweep
  • Weatherstripping
  • 3 Oil Rubbed Bronze hinges on doors less than 84” tall and 4 ORB Hinges on doors greater than 84” tall
  • Exterior brickmould
  • Mull posts (where applicable)
  • T-astragal (for double doors)
  • Pre-drilled door for handle and deadbolt (on active door for doubles)
    • We will pre-drill the door for a handle with 2-3/8”
    • Bore diameter: 2-1/8″
    • Deadbolt is drilled 5-1/2″ above the handle center to center
  • Double door units include T-astrigal and a pair of flush bolts installed on the secondary (passive) door
  • Note: Jamb will not be prepped for strike plates or bored for plungers. This will need to be done on site by installer.

Measurements for Standard Prehang

Meade’s Standard Exterior Pre-hanging Measurements

Please note that it is best practice to have the installer of the door approve the door size you are purchasing to guarantee it will work in your opening. Meade’s can not be responsible for any measures or builds unless you have purchased a Meade’s Expert In Home Consultation.  If you need a door built to a different width or height than is offered by a standard door build, then a Meade’s Expert In Home Consultation is necessary and you will be given a quote at that time for the special order door build.  Due to the anomalies in homes built before 1980, it is HIGHLY recommended you purchase a Meade’s Expert In Home Consultation and Install with your door purchase.

Inside of Jamb to Inside of Jamb: (Video: How do I measure inside jamb to inside jamb?) This is a quick and easy way to measure your current door. If you stand on the outside of your home, you can measure from inside the door frame to the other side inside door frame. Do not include the door frame or the trim in this measurement. This measurement assumes that your door jamb and threshold is of standard size and that there are no anomalies. It is mostly accurate, but for an absolute accurate measurement of your door we recommend using Outside of Jamb or Frame Measurements.

Outside of Jamb to Outside of Jamb or Frame of Door: (Video: How do I measure the frame of my door?) This measurement is of the frame of your door unit. You will need 1/2″ more than this measurement to fit this door into your rough opening or the actual hole in your house. This is a very accurate way to measure a door. However, door trim and casing covers the outside of the frame. You will need to pop off the door casing on the inside or the brickmould on the outside to be able to see and measure the frame of the door.

Brickmould to brickmould: (Video: How do I measure brickmould to brickmould?) This is the distance before you hit brick, masonry or stone on the outside of the house. To find the BM to BM width, you would measure from the outside edge of the brickmould to the other outside edge. This is a very accurate measurement technique also, but we suggest pairing it with one of the other measurement technique to double check for anomalies.

Rough Opening: (Video: How do I measure a rough opening?) This is the absolute most accurate way to measure for a door. The rough opening is the actual hole in your house where you can install a door. It is the distance between the studs and header of the door opening. However, it is difficult to get to these measurements unless you have new construction or you take off all the trim of your existing door. Therefore, we usually recommend another easier measurement method for the normal homeowner.

Jamb Width: (Video: How do I measure my jamb width?) The jamb, or the door frame, is usually 4 9/16″ wide. This does not include the brickmould or the inside casing. This size jamb fits into rough opening built out of 2×4’s. This is considered standard in the industry. However, some older homes with plaster, cinderblock and some brick homes require a wider jamb. If you need a wider jamb than the standard 4 9/16″ width, Meade’s can accommodate this build. But we will require you purchase an in home expert consultation to ensure we build the door unit to fit your opening.

Door Nomenclature Slab ISJ to ISJ OSJ to OSJ BM to BM Rough Opening Meade's Measure
Preferred Good Preferred Better Best
2/6 30" 29.25 31.75 34.25 32.25 We come to your home and GUARANTEE to build your door to FIT.
2/8 32" 31.25 33.75 36.25 34.25
3/0 36" 35.25 37.75 40.25 38.25
5/0 double French door 30" 59.75 62.25 64.75 62.75
5/0 double French door retro fit to replace 10" sidelite unit 29.5 58.00 60.50 63.00 61.00
5/4 double French door 32 63.75 66.25 68.75 66.75
6/0 double French door 36" 71.75 74.25 76.75 74.75
10" x 3/0 x 10" 10" + 36" +10" 58.00 60.50 63.00 61.00
1/0 x 3/0 x 1/0 12" + 36" +12" 62.00 64.50 67.00 65.00
6/8 79" 80.25 81.50 82.75 82.00
6/8 Outswing 79" 80.25 81.00 82.50 81.50
7/0 84" 85.25 86.50 87.75 87.00
7/0 Outswing 84" 80.25 86.00 87.50 86.50
8/0 96" 97.25 98.50 99.75 99.00
8/0 Outswing 96" 97.25 98.00 99.50 98.50


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