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  • It's Guaranteed to Fit

    Our store expert, with decades of experience, will come to your home, measure, analyze your project and make recommendations while on site and follow up with an email. 

    Note:100% refundable with the purchase of an installation

    Note: We don't service outside 30 miles of the store

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If your situation seems a little tricky, the first step would be to get precise measurements and to investigate the area where the product is to be installed. i.e.:  Is the existing door frame in good shape?  Would we recommend the customer use wood?  If the measurements are not “standard”, what other options are available to the customer?

We only send EXPERTS to your home.

We only send out our installation experts to do measurements.  We call it an In-Home Expert Consultation – because that is EXACTLY what it is.  These guys build and install daily throughout the Atlanta area.  They are not salespeople.  They are often certified Master Craftsman.  They know what to look for and what to make note of when taking a measurement.

Often, other companies will send employees only trained to read a tape measure or in sales to do the measurements.  Unfortunately, without a trained eye on the existing opening, customers will often receive incorrect measurements, subtle problems will turn into big issues, they purchase a product that will not fit properly, or be given advice only to increase the sale, not what is best for the situation.

Booking an In-Home Expert Consultation:

We do initially charge for the consultation (but it is refunded if you purchase an installation).  We initially charge because these are EXPERT craftsmen whose time and experience have value.  They are not salespeople.  They get paid whether you buy a product from Meade’s or not.   You will receive their guaranteed precise measurements and expert recommendations for your home via email soon after their visit.

What to expect after you purchase the In-Home Expert Consultation:

  1. Someone from Meade’s will call you to confirm your purchase and to narrow down your preference of styles/configurations to better prepare the Expert for your consultation.
  2. The expert installer will call you within 24-48 hrs to set up your consult appointment.
  3. When at your home, the expert will then review your opening, discuss your options, and compare it to the styles/configurations that are possible for your opening.
  4. Within 24-48 hrs of your consultation, you will be emailed your measurements and Expert recommendations.
  5. Within 24-48 hrs of your consultation, you will be called by Meade’s to review your measurements and options available for purchase at Meade’s.
  6. Once you purchase an installation from Meade’s, your In Home Expert Consultation is refunded.
  7. Your product is ordered, built, installed, and guaranteed to fit!


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