Surplus In-Stock Vinyl Windows

Meade’s has a consistent in-stock inventory of surplus windows. Often manufacturers will have windows that they can not use from miss-measures. We buy up this inventory for pennies on the dollar and then offer it our customers at severely discounted prices. The sizes, styles and types of windows will vary depending on the inventory that we buy.

Pro Tip: If you are able to adjust your opening and use one of our surplus windows, they are usually about ½ the price of a custom window.

Custom Vinyl Windows

When you have an unusual opening or can’t find what you need in our surplus inventory, we can build you a vinyl window to your specifications. They are locally made and are top quality.

To request a quote, please email either your rough opening or your exact window measurements to

Or if you would like for us to come out and measure your windows for you, click the “Schedule Expert Consultation” button below.

Pro Tip: Window measurements can be tricky. It is best practice that whoever is installing your windows should be the one to supply the measurements for your window purchase. You want them to be liable if windows are custom made for you but won’t fit into your opening.

This home is $9,650 for windows and install. Contact Meade’s to get a quote for custom windows.