Why Pay Retail When You Can Shop at Meade’s?

Get the same products that are sold in big box retail stores at prices that will AMAZE you. We search high and low for the best deals on products from manufacturers and distributors.  We buy their discontinued, slightly dented or scratched, miss ordered and unused inventory for pennies on the dollar! Then we pass along the savings to you.
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Guaranteed Low Prices to Meet Your Needs.

We’ve done the work for you.  We’ve Price Checked!  Before we bring in any product to our store, we have done our homework.  First we shop our competitors to make sure that we will have the lowest price on that item.  We only bring it into the store if we are the lowest!  No worries.
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  • Fresh off the Truck

    • Electric Water Heaters – $165+! WaterHeaterCoverPicture (640x360)

      Come on into the store and walk out with the Water Heater of your choice at a great price!

      We just received a truck load of Water Heaters. These water heaters are at great reduced prices starting at $165.00! We have electric in 30, 40, and 50 gallon sizes. If you are looking for a water heater, Meade’s is your place to save some cash!

      30 Gallon – $165 Compared to Home Depot’s price at $236

      40 Gallon – $175 Compared to Home Depot’s price at $239

      50 Gallon – $190 Compared to Home Depot’s price at $268

      - These water heaters are Big Box Returns. B grade

      -1 Week Warranty.

      -Elements, Thermostat and Tanks have been checked.

  • Monthly Super Specials

    • Vinyl Screen Doors only $50! 20140529_115514 (1)

      Fall weather is here and time to let in some fresh air! Vinyl screen doors on sale now for only $50. 8 styles available including doors with doggy doors built in. B grade, size 32″. Hardware not included. Hurry! Limited time only. Only while supplies last.

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