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You looked at the products and are better than the average Joe at DIY.  You don’t think you need a measure.  However, you would like to speak to an expert to answer specific product questions, get a quote or to get their opinion and advice about a tricky install. Contact Us Button – I want this to go the same page as the current Contact Us Button goes to

Need to Book a Measure?

You either don’t want the hassle or this is all new to you. You want a guarantee that the product you buy will fit and is appropriate, and you want it expertly installed with no glitches.

When you purchase an expert measure, it is:
– 100% REFUNDABLE when you purchase an installation.
– 100% ACCURATE measurements that you can use at Meade’s or any other store.
– 100% GUARANTEED to fit.

  • Note: We do not service outside 30 miles of the store.  Meade’s only installs products purchased at Meade's. 

    • + 80 $


Why we charge for our measures:

We do initially charge for the consultation (but it is refunded if you purchase an installation).  We initially charge because these are EXPERT craftsmen whose time and experience have value.  They are not salespeople.  They get paid whether you buy a product from Meade’s or not.   You will receive their guaranteed precise measurements and expert recommendations for your home via email soon after their visit.

We only send EXPERTS to your home.

We only send our installation experts to do measurements.  They are not salespeople.  They have decades of experience in building and installing.  They know what to look for and what to make note of when taking a measurement.

Often, other companies will send employees only trained to read a tape measure or in sales to do the measurements.  Unfortunately, without a trained eye on the existing opening, customers will often receive incorrect measurements, subtle problems will turn into big issues, they purchase a product that will not fit properly.  Or they will be given advice only to increase the sale, not what is best for the situation.

What to expect after you purchase your measure:

  1. Meade’s will contact you within 2 business days to set up your measure appointment.  They will narrow down your preference of styles/configurations to better prepare the expert for your measure appointment.
  2. During the measure appointment, the expert will measure your opening, take pictures, specify handing, and note any issues that might arise during install.  They will make recommendations they deem necessary for Meade’s and the homeowner to consider when purchasing a new door or window.
  3. Within 2 business days of your measure, you will be emailed your measurements and contacted by Meade’s to discuss options for your project.
  4. Once you purchase an installation from Meade’s, your measure purchase is refunded.
  5. Your product is ordered, built, installed, and guaranteed to fit!


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