People are amazed when they see our prices for a kitchen. Usually, we are 20%-50% less!

We currently carry 17 styles of all wood cabinets.   Not that cheap MDF stuff that you find at Home Depot and Lowe’s.  We can help you with your kitchen install from start to finish – from the first measure, to design, to install to granite.   Or if you have your measurements, bring them in and let us design your dream kitchen for free!

Prices: The price of an individual kitchen will vary depending on the style, size, accessories, etc.  But on each style page we have used a very standard 10′ wall x 10′ wall kitchen to give you some basic pricing for kitchen cabinets.  But we would be happy to give an exact quote for your specific kitchen design.
Why does one cabinet cost more than another?  There are basically 3 things that affect the price of kitchen cabinets.  So as the price goes up or down, one of these 3 elements will change.  Depending on your budget, you will need to determine which of these elements is most important to you.

  1. What is the door, face frame and box made out of?  While most cabinets will have a solid wood door and door frame, usually out of birch or maple, it is important to pay attention to the material used to make the cabinet box.  You can watch the video below to get a better idea why this is important.  Most cabinets that you find that at the big box retailers like Lowe’s or Home Depot, IKEA or if you find a super cheap cabinet anywhere, this is where quality has been sacrificed.   In order to cut corners and make more profit they will use a MDF or particle board box.  MDF and particle board are basically wood shavings or dust that have been binded together with glue or a type of resin.   The problem with these materials is that if they get wet they warp and basically melt.  Heaven forbid if you have a leaky faucet . . .  Also, they also will not hold screws well.  As you can guess, if you want your investment of kitchen cabinets to last, you do NOT want MDF or particle board as the box material.  ALL the cabinets carried at Meade’s have an all wood plywood box.  We believe that this is so important to the quality of cabinets that we don’t even offer the lower quality MDF or particle board box cabinets.
  2. How consistent and detailed is the wood and stain on the doors?  Please remember that all wood will vary slightly from one piece to another when stained.  However, the more expensive the cabinet, the more the manufacturer has paid attention to matching up the pieces of wood to ensure a more uniform stain.  Also, if a cabinet has a lot of door detailing such as glazing or several raised patterns in the door this will affect the price.  For some, a very uniform look with lots of detailing is a very important aesthetic element when choosing a cabinet and worth the extra cost (ex. New Yorker style cabinet) .  To others, the slight variances are just part of the charm of stained wood and do not justify the extra cost (ex. Ginger Maple style cabinet).  
  3. How many upgrades (bells and whistles) does it have?  Cabinets can come with elements that are meant to improve your kitchen experience.  These include soft close drawers, full extension drawers, soft close doors, 120 lb ball bearing drawer glides, dovetail drawers, etc.  These elements add cost to a cabinet.  Again, depending on your budget you will need to decide how important these elements are to you.

Come into the store and our salespeople will be happy to show you all the cabinets and help you determine what type of cabinet would work best for you.

Video – How to Measure for a Kitchen                   Video – Why choose all wood cabinets

Here is a handy grid to help you draw and measure your kitchen:

Kitchen-Grid.xls (Excel Spreadsheet)

Here is a kitchen design specification worksheet:

Kitchen-Design-Specifications.xls (Excel Spreadsheet)

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