Meade’s works hard to offer a wide selection of beautiful and trending door styles at discount prices to our customers. Our inventory changes quickly as we find great deals, so check back often and sign up for our newsletter.   

Front Door Sidelite Unit and Double Front Doors

We carry many beautiful options to replace your existing sidelite unit, everything from a discounted builder grade unit to a mahogany double door unit.  Meade’s stocks the 10” sidelite units and double doors that measure 60.5” wide which are unique to Georgia.

Pro Tip: If you want to increase your curb appeal, we suggest replacing your old sidelite unit with a double door that is made to fit into the same space.  Often the price difference is insignificant.  But double door units are usually found on houses in higher price ranges or on custom homes.

Front Door Sidelite Unit

Double Front Doors

Wood Doors in Mahogany, Walnut, Alder, Fir, and Pine

We have lots of wood doors in stock and for special order.  Not only are wood doors considered a more expensive look overall, they also have a pleasant heavy feel when opened and closed and can be cut for odd openings.

Pro Tip: Wood doors CAN withstand significant weather.  Remember – many boats are made of wood.  However, it will need to be finished properly and maintained.  Not a single inch of wood, top or bottom, should be left as raw wood.  We recommend using a marine varnish, the same varnish they use on wood boats, to finish wood doors for an extra layer of protection.

Unique Doors

Wood Doors

HOT TRENDS: Craftsman Doors, Mid Century Modern Doors, and True Divided Lite Doors

Meade’s always carries options of doors reflecting the latest trends. The craftsman style has been popular for years because of the high window that lets in light but still maintains privacy. And recently, the clean lines of the Mid-Century Modern Door is making a huge come back. The latest big trend to hit the market is the True Divided Lite Double Door.


Mid-Century Modern

True Divided Lite

Discounted Patio Doors, French Doors, Back Doors, And Everything In Between. 

We often get in loads of discounted exterior steel doors and fiberglass doors. This inventory changes rapidly depending on what deals we find. We often have very unusual and eye catching options for your back door or patio door.

Interior Doors and Barn Doors

Meade’s offers a wide variety of interior doors. You can shop our wood interior doors with glass and barn doors online. Interior wood doors are heavy, can be stained or painted and offer the most sound proofing. We have several barn door options with or without the barn door hardware.

Pro Tip: When purchasing interior doors, go with as much soundproofing as you can afford.  A hollow core interior door is cheap and easy, but you will regret not buying a solid core or wooden interior door when trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Wood Interior Doors

Barn Doors

MDF Interior Doors

Expert Consultation, Pre-hanging, and Installation

Don’t have a clue about doors?  Or are you a handyman or a Pro?  Don’t worry, Meade’s offers many levels of service to help you throughout the process.  We can set up an expert consultation phone call, in-store appointment or in home measure and consultation.  Meade’s can pre-hang most of our door slabs into jambs and we offer installation with delivery within a 35 mile radius of the store in Tucker, GA.

I’ve Got This!

“I have either hired someone to do this install for me or I’m doing it myself. I have the skills, information and knowledge necessary to pick out and install my products. I know my measurements and I know what I need. Thanks, but I don’t need your help. I just want to pay and pick-up.”

I Have a Few Questions!

“I’ve done my homework.  I’ve looked at the products and I’m better than the average Joe at DIY.  I don’t think I need a Meade’s in home expert consultation.  However, I would like to speak to an expert to answer specific product questions or to get their opinion and advice about a tricky install.”

I Don’t Have a Clue!

“This is not my thing.  I’m going to do my job and I’m going to let you guys do your job.  I want a guarantee that the product I buy will fit and I want it expertly installed with no glitches.  I need someone to come to my home for an expert consultation and help in choosing my product.