Discount Doors in Atlanta

Why Pay Retail When You Can Shop at Meade’s?

At Meade’s Discount Doors & More, we are proud to sell a wide variety of discount doors in Atlanta. In addition, we provide installation and delivery services for customers across in the surrounding area as well. Don’t pay retail when you can shop at Meade’s!

We offer the following discount doors in Atlanta:

We have hundreds of wood doors in stock to fit your needs, including timeless, high quality mahogany doors. We have several elegant designs and styles in stock. Single wood door slabs start at $375 and most need to be stained and finished.

We also carry durable, long lasting fir doors for your home. These can be stained or painted, as well as cut to custom sizes for nonstandard entryways. Prices start at $110 depending on style, wood type, and availability.

You can typically find several types of craftsman doors in stock, even in the hard-to-find dimensions. If we don’t have the door you are looking for in stock, we can order the type you would like. Prices range from $200- $850 depending on style, wood type, and availability.

We stock more 10” sidelite units than any other retail store in the Southeast! Most of the doors we carry will need to be painted and finished after installation. Sidelite units range in price from $600 to $2300.

From hollow core masonite slabs and pre-hung units to French door units and interior wood doors, we have a wide variety of interior doors in stock. From $12 to $350, there is an interior door to fit your style and budget.

Thanks to our many connections with retailers and manufacturers, we are able to build and order the door that you need if we do not have it in stock. Our team can install your door unit correctly and quickly!

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