Terms & Conditions of Sale

December 2022

1) All sales are FINAL.

No exchanges and no returns.  Customer is taking responsibility to check the product for any discrepancies or damages BEFORE they leave with it.  Any discrepancies or damages found after the item leaves Meade’s property will not be considered Meade’s responsibility.  If the product is picked up by anyone besides the customer, they are giving them permission to inspect and approve the item in the customer’s stead and all terms and conditions apply.

2) All products are sold “As Is” and it is the customer’s discretion to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines and general industry best practices for product use and the immediate painting, staining, sealing or installation of the product.

Any downgrading of the quality of a product has already been accounted for in the pricing of that product.  Meade’s does not offer store warranties on any products. However, we will pass along any manufacturer warranties that are available.   If it is an A grade product, warranties and guidelines supplied by the manufacturer can be found on our website or provided to customers upon request by Meade’s.  And Meade’s ALWAYS stands 100% behind our measure, pre-hanging and installation services.

3) You agree to pick up your item in 1 week if it is not being installed by Meade’s.

After the second week a $50 fee will be charged. Beyond the second week, the customer agrees that Meade’s will consider the product abandoned and we will reclaim the product without issuing a refund. Meade’s will not be responsible for damage to products left at the store.

4) We can help, but you are responsible for securing and loading your item if not being installed by Meade’s.

Customer is responsible for loading/securing the item and determining the legality and safety of load. Also, the customer must supply all ties, ratchets, padding and weather protection for transport.

5) Pre-hanging and Special Orders cannot be canceled or changed.

If a customer purchased a measure from Meade’s, we’ve got this – it’s all on us and guaranteed to fit.  However, the customer is assuming 100% of the responsibility for choosing the style of the door, reading the specifications and descriptions of the door and any HOA type requirements for their home.  If Meade’s did not do a measure, the customer acknowledges that their pre-hang and special order cannot be canceled or exchanged for any reason including sizing or handing issues.   The customer is assuming 100% responsibility for the measurements, pre-hang standards and the product sizes that were ordered/purchased.

6) Pre-hanging an in stock item can take 2+ weeks.

If an in stock item to be pre-hung into a frame was purchased, the customer acknowledges that this can take 1-2+ weeks before the item is ready for pickup.

7) You understand that Special Orders (not in stock items) can take 6+ weeks.

Customer acknowledges that a Special Order timeline is not exact and they are willing to wait to get what they want. If the customer has an inflexible deadline and “their world will come to an end” if the customer does not get the product by a certain date – please buy an in-stock item and do not get a special order product from anyone. Some things are out of our control when dealing with special orders. i.e. shipping, back orders, COVID-19, damages etc. Meade’s can give the customer an estimate of when the product will arrive, but not an exact date.

8) A $200 trip charge will be charged for a failed measure or installation appointment.

If Meade’s cannot complete an appointment for any reason controlled by the customer (i.e. no one over 18 home, lost keys, items in the way, etc.) and it was not rescheduled previously by the customer, a $200 trip charge will be charged to cover the time and expense of our Expert.

9) Hidden issues with your installation can not be foreseen and will have to be quoted separately.

During the measure appointment, Meade’s tries to estimate all costs associated with an installation. However, sometimes we uncover hidden issues only after the door or the window has been removed, i.e. rot or termite damage. The installer would not have been able to foresee these or quoted them originally. The installer will give you an additional quote to fix these hidden issues. Or if you want/need another craftsman to correct the issue, then an additional trip fee may be incurred to complete installation.

10) Estimated and quoted prices are only good for 1 week after quote.

11) All in-stock products that are quoted have limited availability and are subject to prior sale.

12) Your order will only be placed for your item or service after customer signature on the estimate and payment of the invoice.

13) It is up to the customer to follow manufacturer guidelines + industry best practices on staining, sealing, installing, hauling and product uses immediately upon purchase.