Affordable Base, Crown, and Casing

Base, Crown and Casing–MDF Trim

Meade’s typically has over 20,000 linear feet of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) baseboard moulding, crown moulding, chair rail moulding, door casing, and trim in stock. This trim is B grade from the manufacturer meaning that up to 20% of it will be waste, but it is priced accordingly and is severely below competitor prices.

Pro Tip: A well-trimmed room is something of beauty and will lend a sense of quality and craftsmanship to a home. When buying moulding, remember that a good rule of thumb is that it should be about 7% of the total height of the wall. For example, you should use a 7” baseboard for an 8 ft ceiling. If you go too small, it will cheapen the overall look of the room.

Pricing is by linear foot and width of trim:

Baseboard and Casing in MDF

  • 0-3 inches wide: 40¢
  • 3.1-4 inches wide: 50¢
  • 4.1-7 inches wide: 65¢
  • 7+ inches wide: 95¢

Crown Moulding and Chair Rail in MDF

  • 0-3 inches wide: 65¢
  • 3.1-4 inches wide: 70¢
  • 4.1-7 inches wide: 80¢
  • 7+ inches wide: $1.55

***Please note that we have too many options to list online currently. This trim is sold in 16ft lengths and is a self-serve, in-store only product.***