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What to expect when you purchase an In-Home Expert Consultation and Installation

What to expect

When you purchase an In-Home Expert Consultation and Installation

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When you select your door online, you will see an option to purchase the installation package along with your door.  This package includes:

  1. In-Home Expert Consultation and Measure:
    • Note: If you previously purchased an In-Home Expert Consultation/Measure and then separately purchas
    • ed the install package when you ordered your product, your initial consultation fee will be refunded in full. Your purchase will also be reviewed by the installer to guarantee that it will fit after purchasing the door.
    • To begin the process, we will send an EXPERT to your home. Our installers are bonded and insured and are often certified Master Craftsman.  These guys build and install daily throughout the Atlanta area.   They review the product that you have ordered and review it with Meade’s to make sure it will work.

 You can purchase an In-Home Expert Consultation and Measure before your purchase your door here


  1. Meade’s will call you to confirm and review the recommendations of the expert.
    • We will email you a copy of any recommendations, changes, or alterations the installer recommends on your order. If what you initially purchased will not work and no alternatives can be found in our inventory or offerings then Meade’s will refund your purchase and install.   


  1. Installation is scheduled and implemented by our Expert Installer. Which includes the following:
    • Delivery of product
    • Removal and haul away of old door, window, etc.
    • Installation of product
    • Installation of standard hardware
    • Re-install of interior door trim (the customer needs to have any replacement or new trim on hand for the installer)
    • Review of a detailed checklist to make sure the product operates properly
    • Clean up of work area
    • Any additional “above and beyond” work paid and agreed upon
    • And as always, a guarantee of all our services
    • A more detailed list of the scope of work can be found below


  1. After Installation, best practices for finishing/staining/sealing your product are recommended to be done immediately.
    • Note: Most wood door warranties are invalidated if the doors are not finished immediately after installation. Meade’s can give you a copy of any warranties that you request.



Detailed Scope of Work

1)  Remove and dispose of old door slab and/or frame

2)  If a slab, then prep hinges and bore door and/or jamb to match.  Salvage slab may be already prepped.

        – May have to use wood putty or caulk to fill in previous preps in door or jamb

3)  If a slab, then the door may need to be slightly trimmed to fit opening.  

        – If major alterations to the door are required, a fee of $50 or more may be applied to the final quote.

4)  If PH unit, install door jamb into rough opening and secure and plumb. 

        – Secure/caulk threshold to existing floor, jamb and 2×4’s.

        – Note that the installer will not caulk door to prepare for paint or stain

      – Adjust brick mould as much as possible to allow for rough opening differences

       – If additional material is needed to adjust for rough opening differences, additional charges will apply

       – If exterior of the home is rock, the installer cannot be responsible for loose rock falling off during install

5) If PH unit, attach new casing on interior side of door if provided by customer at time of install.

      – The installer may not be able to re-install old casing and is not responsible for old casing after removal

      – The installer cannot be responsible for existing interior wall, ceiling, floor, or base trim conditions

 6) Install standard door hardware, if provided at time of install by customer.

        – If using old hardware, the installer cannot be responsible for ensuring the old hardware will work.

        – If installing other door hardware, i.e., peephole, kick plate or door numbers, additional charges will apply.

7) If PH unit, re-attach doorbell if available.

        – Installer will wire and re-attach doorbell to jamb. But will not wire past door into house.

        – Installer can only be responsible for doorbell if it worked previously to install.

8) Adjust door and/or jamb to allow for security contacts or wires

        – Note that the installer will not rewire security system and cannot be responsible for contacts working.

9) Make sure the door swings smoothly (unless prohibited by existing obstruction)

10) Installer can re-attach an existing, properly working, storm door or screen door for an additional charge

11) Make sure the door seals properly, weather stripping, door to rough opening, threshold, and sweep  

12) Installer to clean up job site after install

13) Other additional labor needed at job site beyond items listed above, will be at an additional charge TBD*

14) Window Installation: Remove wood sashes, track, and stop.  Then install new vinyl window.  Replace stop, caulk and seal.  We cannot be responsible for any damage caused by removing and re-using old stop. 

We recommend the customer buys new stop and has it at time of install.  We do not re-attach any alarm systems on windows.


Below are not included in Standard Install Pricing

  • Structural work needed due to rot, termites, other damage.
  • Painting or staining; plaster or drywall.
  • Fixing dents or dings or scratches that are inherent in buying a surplus and salvage door.
  • Creating a new rough opening size

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